Man Caves

Go ahead, make your friends jealous…

Bring on the TV’s, media screens, projectors and surround sound in your very own man cave theater. If your going to build a man cave or man space, you want CSI! We do it right!

Everyone needs a place where they can relax, man cave with lots of entertainment options. Time to dig into cool man cave ideas and start planning.

Location- Let Custom Sound Installation design and install your own man cave, where you can enjoy what you love. Turn that garage, spare room, den, basement or shed into that man cave for your home away from home.

Man Cave Ideas- Be creative and unique, this will be a statement about you.

Accessories- A man cave needs to be comfortable and make a statement. Do you want sectional sofas or stadium seating? Have you thought about recessed, led and fiber optic lighting? Make sure to plan a space for a large screen TV and/or multiple TVs, what size screen with projector would you like? Custom wet bar or candy bar perhaps…

Custom Sound Installation for all your home theater and TV installation needs.

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